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FANA eJournal will give subscribers access to educational articles, case reports and clinical studies that are both informative and cutting-edge while getting CE credit.  You can access these CE’s via your computer, then simply read the article and take a test to get your CE credit; with quick access to what you want without clutter, excessive advertising or articles that simply rehash out-of-date information

Target Audience- Continuing Education (CE) courses are “Provider-Directed Independent Study” as defined by the AANA, “self-paced learning activity developed for individual use”.   These CE’s are intended for Nurse Anesthetist’s practicing anesthesia looking to expand their knowledge.  Courses are presented as a group of articles in an e-Journal which can be accessed from any web-based browser.


Program- Articles are presented as individual CE material with accompanying Post Test.  Course Objectives are provided at the beginning of each article with bibliography and references or links to -specific videos, websites, and/or additional material.  To get FULL CE credit for this program you’ll need to first read each article, pass each Post Test, and complete the Self Evaluation.  A passing grade of at least 80% is required to get CE. You’ll have up to three testing opportunities to pass.  The Post Test can be completed any time prior to expiration of the course.   Attendance records are sent to the AANA at the end of each month, provided you have supplied the correct AANA ID.  It is your responsibility to complete all courses in a timely fashion and before the expiration date.  Educated Hand and the FANA eJournal website are not responsible or liable for the untimely completion of the courses/credits.

Each article is the work of the individual presenter, therefore they are experts in the topic and responsible for the content.   Educated Hand Publishing reviews each article along with outside Editors and Copy Editors, doing our best to assure accurate and current knowledge



The Educated Hand Publishing controls the content and production of this CME activity and attempts to ensure the presentation of balanced, objective information. In keeping with the AANA ‘s CE Committee and Philosophy, The Educated Hand Publishing has adopted the AANA’s Commercialization, Vested Interest and Protective Actions:

“All approved providers must ensure that all continuing education activities are free from bias and all presenters (faculty) must declare vested interests. In the event that any form of commercial support is provided for an education activity, the provider must maintain control of the educational content and disclose to the learners all financial relationships or lack of, between the commercial supporter and the provider or presenters. Relationships that could influence conduct and choices of faculty because of vested interests must be disclosed.”



The opinions expressed in this educational activity are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of The Educated Hand Publishing or FANA. This educational activity does not endorse one particular type of technique, nor is it intended to dictate an exclusive course of practice. It presents one of numerous recognized methods of clinical practice for consideration by CRNAs for incorporation into their practices. Variations of practice taking into account the needs of the individual patient, resources, and limitations unique to the institution or type of practice may be appropriate. Disclosure about patient confidentiality, standards of care, or course of management does not imply endorsement or disapproval of products.